Understanding Your Pet's Needs
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Understanding Your Pet's Needs

After my pet had a long, drawn-out battle with cancer, I realized that I needed to do a better job with understanding my pet's needs. I wanted to be there for them no matter what, so I started focusing on my other animals. They needed more love, attention, and medical care, so I focused on those things. I started taking them in for regular checkups and working on their physical appearance. I was able to spot a few other potentially catastrophic health conditions with my animals because of my actions. This blog is all about understanding your pet's needs.


Understanding Your Pet's Needs

Want To Adopt A Dog And Have Small Children? 2 Breeds That Will Work Out Best For You

Gisele Pereira

Adopting a dog is a good choice, as you very well may be saving their life if they are in a kill shelter. Even if they are not, they are in need of a home and family. If you are planning to adopt a dog and have small children, some breeds are better than others. The dog you adopt may not be full-blooded, but if they at least have part of this breed in them, it will help. Below are two dogs you may want to consider adopting.

Golden Retriever

When you look into the face of a Golden Retriever, you will see a kind expression. This very well may be the best family dog you can adopt. It is trustworthy, cheerful, and will forgive your children for mistakes they may make, such as pulling their hair. This breed does not bark a lot, so if your young children are sleeping, it will likely not wake them up.

The average size and weight for a female is 55 to 65 pounds and 20 to 22 inches. A male can be anywhere between 65 and 75 pounds and 22 to 24 inches in size.

Golden Retrievers do require some exercise. Buy some balls and other toys to play fetch, and take your dog for a good run at least a couple times a week. You should also walk it every single day. This type of dog will act like a puppy for many years, so even if you adopt one that is older, it will seem young. If you adopt a puppy, you should enroll it in obedience training, and teach it not to pull on the leash while you are walking. Golden Retrievers are robust, and could easily pull you down if they pull on the leash too hard if they see something that excites them, like the neighbor's cat.

They shed a lot so daily combing is required. You may have to vacuum your home at least every couple of days to help deal with the hair.


If you want a dog that is smaller than a Golden Retriever, a beagle would be a good choice for your kids. They have a lot of energy so they will not easily tire when playing. They are generally smart, happy, and friendly.

The average size for a female is 20 to 23 pounds and 13 to 16 inches; a male is generally 22 to 25 pounds and the same height as the female.

Beagles love to be outdoors, so spending some of their time in your spacious backyard will make them happy. These dogs are also very tolerant, playful, and calm—a great playmate for your children. Beagles are social so if you have other dogs in your home, they will likely get along with them.

Because beagles have short, coarse hair, so you will not have to worry about grooming as often. Brush it occasionally to minimize shedding in your home.

Once you adopt your dog, teach your children how to care for it so they can help you.

Contact a local pet adoption facility, such as Pilot Knob Animal Hospital, to find the perfect dog for your family.