Understanding Your Pet's Needs
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Understanding Your Pet's Needs

After my pet had a long, drawn-out battle with cancer, I realized that I needed to do a better job with understanding my pet's needs. I wanted to be there for them no matter what, so I started focusing on my other animals. They needed more love, attention, and medical care, so I focused on those things. I started taking them in for regular checkups and working on their physical appearance. I was able to spot a few other potentially catastrophic health conditions with my animals because of my actions. This blog is all about understanding your pet's needs.


Understanding Your Pet's Needs

Three Newest Trends In Dog Grooming

Gisele Pereira

If you have a dog, you probably make regular trips to the dog groomer for a bath, trim and style. There are lots of ways to groom dogs, beyond a simple bath and brush out. Depending on the type of dog you have, you may be running out of ideas for cute ways to groom and style his or her fur. A couple new trends in dog grooming styles are becoming popular. You can ask your groomer what they recommend, or use these styles for inspiration.

Au Naturel

Many pet parents are shying away from the typical puppy cut or lion cut with pretty bows on the ears. Letting your dog's fur grow as it naturally does and keeping it trimmed to keep the mats at bay is one of the easiest styles to maintain. Many groomers believe that dogs are more comfortable with this type of style as well.

Geometric Shapes

Many dog owners in Asia are requesting to have their dogs' faces groomed and trimmed into geometric shapes. These styles may not appeal  to every pet owner, but it can be a change from the same old grooming styles that have been used on dogs for decades.

Dye and Polish

Another trend is to dye a dog's fur. This works best on dogs with white, cream or other light colored fur. The dye is temporary and can be easily washed out. In addition, it is non-toxic, so it won't hurt your pooch when he or she grooms him or herself after a long walk or a hard day of snoozing on a puppy pillow. Many groomers also offer pawdicure services, complete with non-toxic, dog-specific nail polish. Both dyes and nail polish come in a wide variety of colors, so your dog can dress for the season, or dress to match you.

Some dogs are anxious or nervous when going to the groomer. There are things you can do to put your furry friend at ease. Many times, it is helpful to choose the same provider for both pet grooming and pet boarding. This allows your dog to become comfortable with one facility and one team of care providers. And you should always allow your canine friend a meet-and-greet session with the grooming team before the first appointment. This will ensure that your pup isn't completely terrified during the first grooming session and can sit completely still while he or she gets pampered and prettied up each time.

If you have any questions about these trends or what you can do to make your pooch feel more comfortable with grooming, consider contacting local specialists, such as Rush Animal Care Clinic PC, to discuss your concerns.