Understanding Your Pet's Needs
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Understanding Your Pet's Needs

After my pet had a long, drawn-out battle with cancer, I realized that I needed to do a better job with understanding my pet's needs. I wanted to be there for them no matter what, so I started focusing on my other animals. They needed more love, attention, and medical care, so I focused on those things. I started taking them in for regular checkups and working on their physical appearance. I was able to spot a few other potentially catastrophic health conditions with my animals because of my actions. This blog is all about understanding your pet's needs.


Understanding Your Pet's Needs

Intestinal Worms in a Cat & Getting Them Treated

Gisele Pereira

Is your cat losing a lot of weight in a fast period of time? Rapid weight loss in a pet can be a sign that he or she has intestinal worms, and you may want to get in touch with an emergency veterinarian for prompt treatment. Find out below how intestinal worms can affect a cat, as well as how a vet can cure the condition.

How Does a Cat Contract Intestinal Worms?

Your kitten could have possibly contracted intestinal worms from his or her infected mother. A cat can also get worms if he or she consumes the feces of another animal that has the condition. It is important to keep your cat on your own property, as well as making sure feces is removed from the yard regularly so your cat won't have access to it.

If you live in a home that has rodents, it is possible that they may have intestinal worms. When infected rodents leave droppings around the house, your cat can consume them and get infected. Some of the symptoms that are associated with intestinal worms include diarrhea, fatigue, and abdominal pain. Your cat may also begin vomiting a lot, which means services from an emergency vet are vital.

What Can an Emergency Vet Do for a Cat with Intestinal Worms?

An emergency vet will examine your cat in order for a proper diagnosis to be made. He or she will make sure that your cat actually has intestinal worms by administering an X-ray. If intestinal worms are the problem, you will be prescribed medication to give to your cat until the condition is healed.

It is possible that your cat will have to stay in a vet hospital like Animal House Veterinary Hospital for a while. However, staying in the hospital will depend on how severely the intestinal worms have affected his or her health. A vet will be able to get your cat's weight under control, even if it involves tube feeding until your cat gains an appetite.

What Does It Cost on Average for a Vet to Deworm a Cat?

You will have to pay the vet for the visit to the clinic, which can average $15 or more. The medication prescribed for treating intestinal worms can cost $3 or more. If you are taking a kitten to the vet for the first time, expect to pay up to $131. Speak with a vet so he or she can diagnose and treat your cat for intestinal worms.