Understanding Your Pet's Needs
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Understanding Your Pet's Needs

After my pet had a long, drawn-out battle with cancer, I realized that I needed to do a better job with understanding my pet's needs. I wanted to be there for them no matter what, so I started focusing on my other animals. They needed more love, attention, and medical care, so I focused on those things. I started taking them in for regular checkups and working on their physical appearance. I was able to spot a few other potentially catastrophic health conditions with my animals because of my actions. This blog is all about understanding your pet's needs.


Understanding Your Pet's Needs

Four Fun Ways To Make Your Dog Look Manly

Gisele Pereira

Do you suffer from "cutesy dog" syndrome? Are you tired of people mistaking your four-legged friend for a female when clearly he's male? There's nothing wrong with owning a female companion. But if you want to proudly boast a dog that unequivocally conveys "I'm a man, not a precious ball of fur," here are four great ways to make your canine appear masculine in every way.

The War Veteran

There's a fighter in there. You just know it. While you can't outfit your beast with a combat rifle and a set of hand grenades, you can decorate him in some serious soldier camouflage. Giving your pooch that just-stepped-off-the-battlefield look is sure to add to his masculinity. Consider a green camo collar or neckerchief for canines. Now no one will mistake your tough looking Fido for a female.

The Bad Boy Biker

If you want your dog to look like a true rebel, there are some fun, easy ways to help him achieve that biker look. First, start with a black leather, spiked, or studded collar. Top it off with a leather vest and your canine will be ready for the James Dean look-alike contest.

Some pet owners take this entire theme to the rebel extreme and sport their pup in biker glasses and leather hats. While everyone has his or her personal preference, always be sure your dog is comfortable and safe, and that his ability to breathe comfortably and see is never hindered. If you or he runs into trouble, visit a hospital, such as Highland Animal Hospital.

The Rockstar Woman Magnet

What reflects super manliness better than the rockstar look? Not a whole lot. If you're not sure where to begin, consider the fact that most famous singers are all about their hair. From Elvis Presley to Justin Beiber, no great stage performer has ever been immune to this fashion statement.

Believe it or not, there are styling aids specifically formulated for canines like mousses, hairspray, bodifiers, hair thickeners, and volumizers (be sure to stay away from human hair products as they may not be safe for your little dude). If you want to have some serious fun and make your canine look like the rock star he was always meant to be, set him down and get his hair mussed and spiked up for the stage. Add a little "bling" around his neck and he'll be fighting off the ladies in no time.

The Business Executive

The business suit and the brief case—both immediately conjure up images of the hunky Wall Street Mogul. While you won't be dropping him off downtown to work the 9–5 grind, you can certainly make him look like he's bringing home the bacon. Begin with a visit to a professional groomer so he can have a fresh, clean bath and haircut. After all, the business exec is always clean cut. Then give him a bow tie that reflects his personality. This is sure to set the record straight that he is all business, all the time.

If your dog has hair so short that you're unable to attach a bow tie, fasten a thin handkerchief in a knot loosely around his neck and click the bow tie in place through the knot. Some canine specialty stores sell unique collars that have traditional looking ties attached, giving your pet a more modern and masculine business executive look.

Don't forget the doggie cologne!